Association Responds to Governor’s K-12 Funding Plan

eileenArizona Governor Doug Ducey proposed a ballot initiative today that would inject $1.8 billion of new money into K-12 schools.

The measure, if approved by the legislature and voters in 2016, would direct additional money from the State Land Trust into Arizona’s public schools and students. The Governor’s office estimates schools could access the new funds as early as fiscal year 2017.

“The Arizona Charter Schools Association applauds Governor Ducey for seeking a creative solution to bring an influx of additional dollars to improve education in Arizona’s public schools,” said Eileen B. Sigmund, President and CEO, Arizona Charter Schools Association. “As a state, we simply must do better when it comes to equipping our teachers and schools with the financial resources they need.”

Governor Ducey’s new proposal would increase the current State Land Trust distribution formula from 2.5 percent to 10 percent for a period of five years. If approved, the Governor’s plan would give schools about $1.8 billion more than they would receive under the current formula in the first five years. After that, the formula would shift to 5 percent for the following five years.

“Additional funding will allow schools to enhance academic offerings, hire teachers, restore arts and music programs, and update essential technology and classroom materials,” said Sigmund. “We stand ready to work with the Governor, lawmakers and educators to shape this measure so that it is of greatest benefit to Arizona students and schools.”

Find out more about the plan here.


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