New Partnership to Serve Students in Urban Phoenix

A new partnership with Helios Education Foundation is allowing New Schools For Phoenix to continue its mission to transform urban education in Phoenix and dramatically change outcomes for low-income students.

“This grant aligns our shared mission of ensuring that all students, regardless of zip code, receive a high-quality education,” said Andrew Collins, Senior Director of School Development for New Schools For Phoenix. “With only 8 percent of high poverty schools in Phoenix earning an ‘A’ letter grade, New Schools For Phoenix will improve a student’s opportunity by recruiting and training leaders to either open high performing schools or reform struggling urban schools and bridge the achievement gap that exists in our community.”

The $100,000 grant will support the leadership programs within New Schools For Phoenix, which are designed to help educators either start or replicate high-performing schools for low-income students or reform an existing public school. These leadership programs are at the heart of New Schools For Phoenix’s mission to identify, train and equip some of the most innovative minds in education to launch and lead excelling schools in the urban neighborhoods where they’re needed most. Click here for more information.


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