Five Important Charter School Bills

As Arizona’s largest charter school support organization, our mission is to support student achievement through quality charter schools; to advocate for student equity and charter school autonomy; and to lead Arizona charter schools as a sustainable, strong, and credible organization.

On the advocacy front, the Association is monitoring a series of bills that are circulating through the state Legislature, which address every issue from equity in teacher pay to adding additional charter school authorizers.

Here are some of the bills we are following:
SB1286 – This bill would allow private colleges and universities to authorize charter schools. The Senate has already approved this bill and it has moved to the House.

SB1074 – This bill would prohibit school districts from excluding charter schools in bidding on leased or vacant district property if the district decides to sell or lease unused facilities. The Senate passed this bill earlier this week. This legislation has also moved to the House.

HB2537 – This equity bill would provide charter school teachers with access to the teacher experience index funding and additional teacher compensation. The House Education Committee and the Rules Committee approved the bill. The legislation is awaiting full approval of the House.

SB1193 – This bill would require charter schools to be classified the same as district schools for purposes of zoning. The Senate Education and Government committees have already approved this bill. The legislation is awaiting a hearing in the Rules Committee.

HB2478 – This bill would allow Joint Technical Education Districts to offer career and technical education courses on charter school campuses. The Senate heard the bill on Tuesday, after the House voted 53-5 in favor of the legislation, with two lawmakers not voting. It is now assigned to the Senate Education Committee.

To learn more about the Association’s policy positions, click here.


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