Six New Charters Approved Monday

With the hard work of education entrepreneurs and assistance by the Association’s School Development programs, students in Arizona now have six new quality options for the 2013-2014 school year.  On Monday the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools approved six new charter applications. Five of them are graduates of the Association’s intensive school incubation program, Charter Starter, and one received technical assistance on the charter application process through the Association’s New School Developer Membership.

Arizona Autism Charter School— Their mission is to educate students with autism and related disorders using evidence based teaching strategies delivered by highly trained teachers, and to make this high quality, specialized education accessible to all students with autism in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Students will be empowered to reach their full potential in a motivating, compassionate environment using individualized programs so that every child gains the skills to integrate into the community and become a fulfilled, productive citizen.  The school will serve students in grades K-5 in Phoenix.

Hirsch Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy— They partners with students, families and community to provide an excellent and equitable classical education for the development of thoughtful, highly literate citizens. Their students are prepared for the pursuit of personal excellence, for college and for a lifetime as positive contributors in their community. The school will begin serving K-2 students in South Scottsdale/North Tempe and will growth to serve grades K-8 in full capacity.

Rising School— They are a high-quality college-prep school that prepares Tucson-area sixth- through ninth-grade students for success in school, college, and 21st century careers. At the Rising School: Students, parents, and teachers are treated with respect and enjoy being a part of a safe, caring community; Classes are engaging and relevant; Teachers are experts in curriculum and instruction; Standards and assessments are rigorous; Students create quality projects and surpass state and national standards on assessments; and alumni are successful scholars and professionals engaged with their community and the world. The school will begin serving grades 6-9 in Tucson and will grow to serve grades 6-12 in full capacity.

Model Community Learning Center— The mission of Model Community Learning Center is to establish a model of a professional learning community targeting under-served populations in which all students are college ready, successful in their post-secondary endeavors, contributing members of the community, and use strength building concepts throughout their lives. The StrengthBuilding Partners Model Community Learning Center serves as a model for school transformation across Arizona. The school will begin serving students in grades 6-9 in Tucson and will grow to serve grades 6-12 in full capacity.

Vista College Prep – Through academic rigor and leadership development, Vista College Preparatory Charter School educates all K-5 students for success in middle school, achievement in high school, and graduation from college. The school will begin serving K-1 students in South Phoenix and will grow to serve K-5 in full capacity.

Southwest Leadership Academy – Southwest Leadership Academy is dedicated to improving academic achievement by providing rigorous academic and social skills instruction that will lead to student success in school, within their lives, and within the community. The school will target high school students who are disadvantaged and at-risk of failure due to academic, social, or economic factors; students who have dropped out or have been expelled from nearby schools; and students transitioning from the juvenile justice system.

The description of each school was taken from the school’s charter proposal.  You can view the minutes from the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools meeting and read more details about each school that was approved here


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