School Spotlight – Near Space Flight, Student Elections and a Veterans Day Assembly

Northland Prep Students Complete Near Space Balloon Flight

Northland PrepNorthland Preparatory Academy students, led by science teacher, Kaci Heins, successfully completed their third high altitude balloon launch with Arizona Near Space Research. The school’s science club, the Space Spartans, sent up a temperature sensor, pressure sensor, small heater, GoPro camera, and a Lego space man.  The balloon climbed up to 88,378 feet before popping and falling back to Earth.  Other schools that attended were Sinagua Middle School, Sechrist Elementary, and an all girls science club from Mesa.  Kaci said the project is “such a great way to incorporate STEM in the real world.” Watch a video of the Lego space man’s flight here.

Phoenix Students Learn to Vote

Horizon Community Learning Center held mock elections on Tuesday to teach students the importance of voting. The Phoenix K-12 gymnasium was set up like an actual polling location, with 60 stations and privacy walls. The students educated themselves on the elections and voted for President, U.S. Senate, Corporate Commissioner, and Proposition 114. Student Council representative from grades 5-12 ran the polls and helped younger students with the voting process. Find out who won the mock election on the school’s Facebook page here.

Sonoran Science Students Honor Veterans Day

SPurple Heart recipient, Master Sergeant Angela Blue, was the guest speaker at Sonoran Science Academy Davis-Monthan’s Veterans Day assembly on November 7.  Sergeant Blue talked to the Tucson school’s students and staff about being a medic in the Air Force and the many great opportunities there are for women in the military. But, most importantly, she talked to students about the freedoms they enjoy every day in this country, made possible by the sacrifices of veterans.


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