Starting a Charter School

The Association believes it is crucial that new charter schools open with solid academic and fiscal plans, led by dynamic, well-prepared leaders.

To this end, the Association is seeking talented teams of education entrepreneurs to apply for an 18-month intensive school design and leadership program, Charter Starter.   The program extends over three phases and results in a new charter school that aims to provide an excellent education option for a high need community.

Founding a charter school is a complex and intensive undertaking.  A founding team must first understand the current landscape of its targeted community.  What are the existing options? What is the academic success rate of students in this community? What are the unique challenges?

Founders should then build their team, and not just any team.  A strong founding team is diverse, representing various perspectives from the community and a variety of skills in education and business.  Each member should also have an unwavering commitment to excellence and hold high expectations for all students.

The right team, a lot of planning and hard work, and supported through training, will ensure the charter proposal is thoroughly developed, incorporating proven best practices.

Founding teams can seek assistance and training through our Charter Starter Program. If you’re interested in learning about how the Association can help, please visit our webpage. Charter Starter applications are due Oct. 15.


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