Election Tips for School Employees

As the elections near, we wanted to remind charter leaders, teachers, board members and employees that it is illegal to use company time, equipment, materials or other school resources to influence the outcome of an election.

Below are a few tips to ensure you’re following Arizona law:

  1. If you want to support a proposition or candidate, make sure you are using your personal time and resources.
  2. Do not send anything en masse to parents using school resources that attempts to influence their vote.
  3. If a parent asks how your school would be affected by a proposition or candidate position, you may respond from a factual perspective. However, if facts can be viewed as being overly speculative, skewed or selectively used to further a particular viewpoint, you may be in violation of the law.
  4. You may not give students written materials to influence the outcome of an election or to advocate support for or opposition to pending or proposed legislation.
  5. School employees can’t use their authority positions to influence the vote or political activities of any subordinate employee.

If you’re found in violation of any of the provisions of ARS §15-511, you could pay up to $500 plus any amount of misused funds out of your own pocket. Read the full law here. If you have any questions, please contact your school’s attorney.


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