Common Core Workshop Series Available

The Association is offering five workshops on Common Core English Language Arts standards to allow teachers a more flexible option. Once all five sessions are complete, teachers will have the necessary information and training materials for Common Core English Language Arts instruction.

***Participants must register for the full series in order to receive training credit and the necessary materials to support the implementation of the Common Core standards at their site.

  • August 28: The Introduction and Overview – Participants will build awareness of the design of the document; consider what is covered and not covered in the standards; understand the characteristics of a college and career ready student; and understand how to read the document.
  • September 11: Making Sense of the Appendices – Participants will be able to articulate the research that supports the need for the increased text complexity; apply understanding of text complexity to identify grade level text samples and performance tasks; build awareness of the exemplars of student writing; understand the purpose and intent of the alignment document.
  • September 18: Rigor – Participants will be able to understand that Cognitive Demand and Depth of Knowledge are taxonomies similar to Bloom’s Taxonomy; define rigor; and use the Hess Matrix to better understand Depth of Knowledge.
  • September 25: Deconstructing the Standard – Participants will be able to deconstruct the standards to gain a deeper knowledge of the embedded skills and rigor layers within the across grade level bands and use a constructed standard and knowledge of rigor to brainstorm a set of questioning strategies and/or activity ideas for use in the classroom.
  • October 2: Assessment – Participants will review current information about the PARCC assessments and examine the Model Content Frameworks for each grade level band and consider how these documents should be used at their site.

All workshops are from 4:30-7 p.m. at the Association’s office, 1825 E. Northern Ave., Ste 275 in Phoenix. Registration cost is $250 and includes dinner. Please bring laptops and arrive promptly, as the sessions will be full. Because of space, each school is limited to three participants. For additional questions or to bring this workshop to your campus, please contact Justin O’Connell at or 602-944-0644 ext 311.


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