Arizona Charter Schools See Letter Grade Gains

Over three-quarters of Arizona charter schools earned an average letter grade or better, and 30 percent* of charter schools saw a letter grade increase from 2011 to 2012, according to data released today by the Arizona Department of Education.

“Charters are a contract to improve student achievement,” said Dr. Ildiko Laczko-Kerr, Vice President of Academics for the Arizona Charter Schools Association. “The data released today shows that charter schools are meeting that contract and providing Arizona students with a quality education.”

The 2012 Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards scores also show that charter students outperformed district students in percent passing in reading in grades 3-8. However, Laczko-Kerr did note that math was not as strong for charter schools serving elementary students, as well as both reading and math for 10th-grade students. She said much of the high school scores are attributable to the larger proportion of alternative charter high schools serving at-risk students.

Due to the at-risk population enrolled in alternative schools, their students were only compared to other alternative students, rather than the entire state. Ten percent of alternative charter schools received an “A-Alt” letter grade; there were no district alternative schools that achieved that goal. Forty-one percent of alternative charter schools received and A-Alt or B-Alt classification, compared to 24 percent of district alternative schools. Data shows 128 alternative schools received a letter grade, 90 of which are charter schools. Find out more about how letter grades are calculated here.

*Letter grade increases only include schools labeled in both 2011 and 2012.


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