The Education Evaluator: Providing a New Way to Compare Schools

Search any public charter or district school across Arizona

Arizona’s public schools are now easy to compare.  The Education Evaluator is a map that provides an easy, transparent way to view and compare enrollment information, student achievement and student funding data for all of Arizona’s public schools — charter and district.

This map is the first of its kind in Arizona. We compiled information from many reports and put it into one easy- to- understand location. The map allows parents to compare schools in their neighborhood to find the best education option for their child. It allows legislators to easily locate the public schools within their district. And it is a way for school leaders to evaluate how their students perform in comparison to other schools.

Users can search by school name, zip code, city, or address. It has a filter results feature which allows users to narrow searches by school information, test results and accountability data and distinguishes between district and charter schools.

One of the indicators that we are most proud of is the growth percentile data, which measures student growth from one year to the next.  Through our research partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, we receive a database of all students who take Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards and Stanford 10 tests (This database contains masked student IDs, so we don’t know the actual identities of students). We use that data to calculate growth percentiles.  Median growth percentiles show if a school has high, typical or low student growth. Comparing student scores ensures results are not skewed by income levels, parental involvement, race or gender.  This Model enables teachers to act on timely data, rather than looking at test results long after the school year ends and it is too late to help students.

The map also calculates per pupil funding based on the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Annual Report— Arizona’s best source of per-pupil funding — and reflects all sources of revenue including federal, state, and local funding and tax credits. The map clearly shows the wide disparities across the state in public education funding.

The Education Evaluator is a culmination of years of work, which we believe is a useful tool that illuminates the abundance of school choice in Arizona. Get started at


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